QB training artWhat is Quickbooks?

Especially suitable for small to medium businesses, Quickbooks has become the leading bookkeeping and accounting software. The Quickbooks interface is intuitive and easy to understand. You don’t need an accounting background to use Quickbooks effectively. And, because it integrates with Microsoft Excel, it’s easy to import data.

YZ & Associates can put this benchmark software to work for you with QuickBooks setup and training.

On-site Quickbooks Training

The advantage of dedicated onsite training is allowing your employees to remain productive at your location. An even greater benefit is their training will be customized to understand and execute the functions specific to the system we have designed for your business.

With Quickbooks Training from YZ & Associates you and your staff have the ability to:

• Track sales and expenses
• Create instant invoices
• Access data securely
• Sync data across devices
• Make payments
• Initiate payroll

Quickbooks Training from YZ & Associates

QB logosYZ & Associates Quickbooks training will help you learn just a few features you need or all the Quickbooks features. Some course topics include entering company details, inventory set up and management, recording product sales, creating invoices, set up and managing bank accounts, asset management, liabilities management, and payroll. This list just skims the surface of Quickbooks functions.

Because the bookkeeping needs of every company are different, we offer four training courses for you and your staff — Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Custom.



Beginner Training: This is for solopreneurs or small companies that have minimal transactions and want to do their own record keeping. These companies send us their Quickbooks file along with their bank statements, and we check their file for accuracy and reconcile it. Their accountants love us!


Intermediate Quickbooks Training: As you might guess, some companies have a more complex Quickbooks system. We access their system and their staff capabilities then we provide training for just the functions their staff needs to manage the company bookkeeping efficiently and accurately.


Advanced Quickbooks Training: There may be many instances for Advanced Quickbooks Training. The most common need is a company that is growing and requires a more sophisticated Quickbooks system, so bookkeeping skills need to expand to execute the expanded system with accuracy and efficiency.


Custom Quickbooks Training: Though all our training can be considered custom the bookkeeping needs of your business may be more unique then most we have experienced. If the descriptions of our first three training programs don’t seem to fit your needs, we will create a program that will.

About YZ & Associates

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